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Paducah Sun Articles:

Ex-big leaguer Hall to lead new Chiefs

Town warming up to Paducah Chiefs

New Paducah Chiefs to play ball next year

Articles: From Past to Present
  Excavation To Start For New Baseball Park
Excavation for the new baseball park will begin either Wednesday or Thursday of this week, weather permitting. J.Polk Brooks, president of the Paducah Baseball Association, announced this morning...Read article
  J.Polk Brooks Deserts His Business To Give Full Time to Erection Of Baseball Park Here by Bill Powell
August 18, 1949
The sun was bearing down at the new Paducah baseball park and a tanned man in work pants and short-sleeved shirt wrestled with a loaded wheelbarrow...Read article
  The House that Brooks Built
The Courier-Journal: Louisville, KY
In Paducah they refer to this $75,000 municipal baseball park as "The House that Polk Brooks built." When a funds campaign to erect the park fell short of the goal, J.Polk Brooks, bus-line operator, put up the money and worked as a laborer on the project...Read article
  Promising rookies were almost a dime a dozen in the tryout of the Paducah Chiefs this week-end. Manager Walter DeFreitas and Rickie Martz, last year's Chief outfield star, have been working hard for two days trying to weed out the better players...Read article
  Young Rookie Given Tryout
Chicago Daily Tribune: Thursday, March, 30, 1950
J. Polk Brooks (left), president of the Paducah, Ky., club of the Mississippi-Ohio Valley League, announced that Paducah was rebuilding with young talent this season, so Michael N. Jones, 2 1/2 years old, takes him at his word and reports for training. ...Read article
  The Grand Rapids Ball Club
The Paducah Sun-Democrat, Paducah, Ky.
The Grand Rapids Ball Club is officially welcomed to Paducah today by President Polk Brooks, of the Paducah Baseball Association...Read article
  Time Out by Edd Kellow
Campbell Hits Town
Dough Campbell, Paducah's winningest pitcher last year, hit town Saturday night - but hopes for him returning to the Chiefs are still too dim to even glimmer...Read article
  Brooks Elected Vice President of New League
The Mississippi-Ohio Valley League was organized here Sunday to replace the Illinois State League, a Class D professional baseball group that had been in operation for the past two seasons...Read article
  Bright Future In Store For Chiefs In Kitty League
Paducah's professional baseball future, lying definitely in the Kitty League after sever months of bickering, is beginning to look better with every day...Read article
  Chiefs May Get Aid From Two Major League Clubs This Year
April 5, 1950
Paducah's baseball fortunes were moving up the ladder today with the announcement from Club President J.Polk Brooks that aid in the form of optioned players would be coming the Chiefs' way from one and possibly two major league organizations...Read article
  Paducah Chiefs Asks To Be Released From Valley League
Paducah probably has played its last baseball game in the M-O Valley League. For the chiefs asked to be released from this Class D circuit, it was learned here today...Read article
  Brooks feels technology killed Chiefs by F.M. Hall
Sun-Democrat: Wednesday, July 20, 1977
The Paducah Baseball Association was organized in 1947.
Undoubtedly, it was an auspicious time for about any undertaking -the allies had won the war and all though last rites were still being conducted for the remains of young Americans...Read article
  Brooks a memorable home for Chiefs by Jason Yates
Paducah Sun
Members of the Kitty League's Paducah Chiefs in the early '50s viewed their jobs in different lights...Read article
  The Sun's top 10 Sports Ranking
Paducah Sun: December 25, 1998
Number 8. Paducah's Brooks Stadium hosted tis first state championship event as the KHSAA played its State Baseball Tournament in Paducah..Read article.
  Major Player: Metro among Kitty heroes who made the 'bigs' by Joey Fosko
Paducah Sun: 2003
For Charlie Metro, whose entire adult life has been wrapped around professional baseball, the Kitty League reunion wasn't much of a reunion...Read article.
  Kitty League Graduates
These are Kitty League players from local teams who played in the major leagues, according to Kevin McCann's website and The Sports Encyclopedia...Read article
  Batboy relives glory of Paducah Chief's last season by Jerry Hoover
Paducah Sun: August 15, 2003
Many books and articles have been written about the era following World War II through the 1950s into the early 1960s. Baseball has been a key topic of many of these writings as people nostalgically love...Read article
  The House that Brooks Built by Berry Craig
Paducah Life Magazine: April/May 2008
A weighty parade of players and patrons have gone to BAT for this beautiful and historic baseball field. J.Polk Brook's field of dreams will turn 60 next year...Read article
  Big Plays by Big Leaguers by Barry Craig
Paducah Life Magazine: April/May 2008
Phil Roof grew up watching the Paducah Chiefs play baseball at Brooks Stadium. "I never dreamed of getting there myself," he said...Read article
  Brooks secures TSAC tourney
Paducah Sun: August 26, 2009
Fans will have a chance to watch former local high school players next year when the TranSouth Athletic Conference (TSAC) college baseball tournament comes to Brooks Stadium in Paducah. The nin-team conference includes Mid-Continent University in Mayfield...Read Article.