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Carol Brooks is the daughter of Polk Brooks, the founder of Brooks Stadium. She recalls her father’s dedication to Paducah having the stadium, believing that it would really mean something to the city. "He was always there working while the stadium was being built. I remember I was 14 at the time and would ride on the tractor with daddy back and forth to the stadium hauling dirt each day." Mr. Brooks left his business at Brooks Bus Line so that he could give all his time to the stadium, not making a penny for his efforts.

When it officially opened on May 8, 1949, Carol was there. She remembers how proud she was of her father that day, and how proud she still is for all that he accomplished. When asked what she most
wants others to know about Brooks Stadium, she said “How proud I am of my daddy and how hard he worked to build Brooks Stadium for Paducah.” 

Ms. Brooks graciously contributed many of the photos and articles for the Archives page of this website.


Bob Swisher began working with Brooks Stadium in the summer of 1953. Now retired, he has many fond memories of his years broadcasting for the stadium which is ranks as one of the top 10 amateur stadiums in the United States.

The stadium fell into disrepair after minor league ball left Paducah in 1955 and the city purchased the stadium. In the early 1980s, there was a renewed effort to save and restore the stadium. Swisher recalls that he was working for WOXE
radio at the time, where he broadcast Tilghman basketball and football. When he was asked who he was going to vote for in the mayoral election that year, he announced that it would be Albert Jones because Mr. Jones was going to help Brooks Stadium. Jerry Montgomery was also running for mayor that year, and Swisher's boss at the station informed her of the situation at the stadium, after which she promptly started a commission to rebuild Brooks Stadium - and got Bob Swisher's vote.

Mr. Swisher takes pride in being there during the early years, and wishes everyone could experience the thrill of a game at Brooks Stadium. “If you haven’t been out to have your cold drinks and popcorn on a summer night, you’re truly missing out. At Brooks Stadium, you’re a part of the game.


Greg McKeel, owner of McKeel Equipment Company, became involved with Brooks Stadium in 1999 when he provided equipment for moving dirt at the stadium. He continues to donate his time and services. “Visiting Brooks Stadium is like going back in time,” says McKeel.

Greg is involved in youth baseball, particularly Paducah Tilghman High Schol baseball, and is very supportive of the efforts to continue to grow the stadium. “If you build it, they will come. We are continuing to build and make it better.

Larry Sanderson, Manager of the Plumbing and Pipefitting Union Local 452 in Paducah, played ball with the American Legion in 1964 and with Twin States for several years.  He met Doc Hideg in the 70s, when the two played ball together at Brooks Stadium. "He was a manager there and wanted to make the facility a lot better and needed a lot of folks in the community to pitch in and help, and we have been doing just that for several years there.  He had a vision, and I tried to help him reach and complete that vision." 

The Plumbing and Pipefitting Union has donated a lot of work and time, doing whatever has been asked to do make the field what it is today, a class facility.  "The field is as good as it is anywhere now.  I wish it could have been that way when I played there!"

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